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Locating Crucial Aspects For Ladies Handbags

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To Fight Drought, Kenyan Women Farmers Adopt Conservation Agriculture

This led me to increase [the use of] conservation agriculture.” “Now people call me the ‘agricultural officer’ and come to me for advice … Many people have copied my way of farming, which is transforming this village.” Today, Gaceke’s land is permanently covered in mulch, and she can harvest about 80 bags of maize each season – 30 bags more than she previously harvested. “Over time, the maize [residue] and any other crop residue I have left on the farm decays,” she says. “This softens the soil and helps the soil absorb water better when it rains, reducing run-offs. The water does not evaporate as compared to areas left bare.” Gaceke also practices intercropping – planting one type of crop among a different crop กระเป๋าสะพายหลัง ผู้หญิง ราคาถูก สําเพ็ง – another method she learned from the trainer. Growing cover crops such as beans and black beans among her regular crops – including maize, sorghum, black beans and tomatoes – creates a canopy, shading the ground and helping conserve soil moisture. At first, Gaceke worried that not cleaning her farm of crop residue would attract pests, but the trainer advised her กระเป๋า แฟชั่น ราคา ไม่ เกิน 300 to rotate cereals with legumes to avoid this scenario. “I learned that there are pests that affect the cereal family and do not affect the legumes, so rotation helps avoid pests,” says Gaceke. Persistent drought in Kenya has left 2.7 million people in need of food aid. (AFP/Tony Karumba) Local farmers started asking Gaceke to teach them all about conservation agriculture after they saw her harvest more than 15 bags of maize from just one acre of land last year, when the area was suffering through drought, and most of them had harvested much less, or nothing at all.

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